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The main vision of our business and at the same time the key to our success, are simple and clearly defined principles. The relationship with our clients, which is based on trust, is the biggest value to us. The aim of CONSTEEL Services is to deliver professionalism and consistency in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

“Guests Blacklist” is the only portal in Poland which allows hotels and others from all over the country to co-operate and exchange information about difficult hotel guests whose actions result in either material or reputational damage to the hotel.  

The portal meets all legal requirements regarding the processing of personal data by hotels. The document was released by the Inspector General of Personal Data Protection based on the Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997.

Company is a member of the Self-Governed Hoteliers in Polska Izba Hotelarstwa (Polish Hospitality Chamber). The product strengthens and protects the interests of it’s members and provides effective solutions whilst maintaining a high quality of services.

“Guests Blacklist” was created with the intention of allowing hotels and others to protect their own businesses.


1) We will send you a contract detailing access to our portal “Guests Blacklist”. Upon contract acceptance and signing you will receive a 30-day free of charge access to our portal. During that period, all of our service’s options and elements will be fully available to use, including difficult guests database as well as making own entries in relation to guests property or intellectual damage.

2) By the last day of 30 day free of charge period, you are required to either continue with your membership of our “Guests Blacklist” by choosing a payable option (costing between 30zl - 49zl net monthly for a 6-month or 12-month subscription period) or discontinue with your subscription upon which you will lose all access to our portal, without incurring any additional costs.

Our aim is to offer you a best possible service and to cooperate with as many hotels as possible so that none of difficult guests are allowed to proceed with further crime among hotel businesses.

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